Townshend's Te Laga

Today I have finally made it to a lunchtime Ashtanga yoga lesson, in hope to cure my shoulder sore from computer overuse.


Ashtanga never dissapoints, and no sore shoulder is a match for thousands of years of yoga wisdom. Feeling 100% again, this afternoon I decided to relax further with a lighter, all natural lager from Townshends - Te Laga.


Townshend's Te Laga

Here at Craft Beer Online we believe that the more natural the brew, the better it is for you. Townshend's ticks all the boxes - in fact the master brewer Martin Townshend has adopted the Real Ale philosophy in his craft.


Real Ale goes beyond the Craft Beer promise - in fact the rules for calling your brew Real Ale are very stringent. In a nutshell, Real Ale:

  • - Has no artificial additives or preservatives
  • - Is conditioned in small containers similar to wine and whisky
  • - Is brewed according to traditional methods
  • - Is unfiltered, leaving a residue of live yeast in the bottle, so the beer is 'alive' in the bottle
  • - Is not carbonated using CO2 tanks, real ales get their carbonation naturally, from the yeast during the conditioning process.
  • - Is unpasteurized (not heated), again leaving the yeast alive in the bottle
  • - Usually the water for the brew is out of the ground and has not been "meddled with"


Te Laga is a Real Ale, and therefore must be refrigirated at all times. I served Te Laga in a wine glass today, to capture the aroma. However, it would be also great in a lager glass. 500ml bottle can be shared between two (in this case it wasn't).


I found my Te Laga refreshing and bursting with clean, tasty and satisfying flavours. The fact that it is all natural, unpausteurised and naturally carbonated is evident in the subtle but pleasant flavour and fine carbonation.


Te Laga  4.5% ABV making it  a truly easy drinking beer.


The flavour is so pleasant, so clean, but not overwhelming, it's clear that Te Laga is  perfect for introducing a friend or loved one to craft beer for the first time. This would especially apply to anyone who drinks mainstream lagers.


I served Te Laga with a simple garlicky pasta dish, cooked to perfection, tossed with lots of fresh basil and roasted cherry tomatos.


Overall this is a fantastic craft lager, light in alcohol but big on flavour, made for everyday drinking.


Te Laga forms a part of our Any Time craft beer selection.


Cheers to Te Laga -  the Good Guy Greg of craft lagers!